Motivation for 60 Miler

This category of blog posts is meant to serve two purposes:

1) I am making my training public by putting it out into cyberspace so that I create pressure for myself. This is so that I don’t bottle out and move the goal posts between now and September. I currently need to jolt myself out of a rut that I am in, and am at the stage of using any means necessary. I will later hopefully get my blog linked to an ever increasingly popular website that a great deal of very talented and dedicated runners use. I have too much pride and self respect to humiliate myself with these people by producing rubbish and giving up in front of an audience.

2) I want that one person who reads this, who may have a dream to run and complete a similar race to realise that it can be done! To realise that it’s not just the elite runners and talented participants that can enjoy ultra running. That back-of-the-packers such as myself also gain utmost enjoyment from these events. I want a running non-believer, or somebody toying with the idea of trying an ultra to see that if someone like me can finish a race such as the Hardmoors 60, then with proper application just about anyone can.

When I write I think of my friends and family that don’t run in any shape or form (ie most of them!), and imagine all the things I’d like them to know about this brilliant sport, and indeed, way of living. I am certainly not writing to impress accomplished runners, as I think enough writers do this already. I just need to express my thoughts about how great our sport is, and how misplaced most assumptions about running actually are.

So, whether racing snake, slow plodder or potential convert, I pledge to you that I will keep my writing as honest and true as is possible. I would love to know what you think and to hear your thoughts about anything I write about. To the potential convert, I say this: You really can achieve whatever running (or otherwise) goal you set your heart on. You just have to take that risk and set off for your destination! I aim to prove this through my blog and other writing. I aim to complete my first sixty mile ultra marathon within the 16 hour time limit in September 2013.


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