Wk 1: Base training

Starting from Scratch

I’m no expert, my training methods are just what I’ve picked up from other people far more experienced than myself, as well as what seems to work for me personally. Basically, I need to keep motivated by not letting things get monotonous, keep myself injury free by not over-training, and keep the training relevant, so that I can actually make the start of my target race in September with a reasonable chance of finishing it. So, with this in mind I decided on three runs for my first serious week of training. My longest run was meant to by around ten miles.

Tues: 5km

This was just to wake my legs and body up. I have been taking all my runs at the same pace (slow and relaxed) so as not to get injured, but thought I’d risk a best effort run and try my hardest to get under 30 min, then have a rest day. I succeeded, did a good lung burner and now have a bit of motivation in the bag as well! Unfortunately, the next day my heel is really painful. I remember the saying that you can increase distance, speed and intensity in your training. Only do it one aspect at a time or you will probably get injured sooner or later! The next day I take ibuprofen together with paracetamol.

Thurs: 10km

My sole feels better, so I set off at a comfortable speed. There is no pain so I increase the pace a bit, with the aim of being in with a shout of getting a sub 1 hr. I know my cut-offs well on this course (which is half road, half woods trail with a number of decent little hills) and by doing ‘surges of speed’ on the flat and downhill bits I make them all well within time. I surprise myself with a good 50 minute odd time and a right foot that still works. Result! I am especially chuffed with my 5km and 10km times, as the last time I ran times like this was when I was a bit fitter last year, just before I completed my first 55 miler. All I have done is visualise a good run, pulled my finger out and done some good surges on the easy bits.

Sat: 11km

Bit disappointed that I didn’t run further, but this run was to work, so time constraints were an issue. It’s the first time I’ve run to this job on this route, so I had to guess the time needed. I forgot to leave clothes at work as well, so had to carry everything in a race pack (I like the 15L OMM Ultra. Bit more space for your work shoes than the Raidlight 10L Endurance. Seems to take more wear and tear as well). So I ran with more than race weight. Just plodded on and walked the four main hills. A 1hr 20 run with no injuries.

All these runs were in gorgeous sunny weather, which did help on my first week back into training. Glad I’ve set some early markers to help motivate as well. Keeping up with things is the real challenge ahead for me now.

Total: 26km (I am not counting all the decimal distances. ie the distance in this case is actually 27.1km)


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