Wk 2: Early slump…

I don’t know what it is, but after a good period of training I always hit a downer. I ran the target times and approximate distances I wanted in my first week back into training (I almost sounded like an athlete there…lol!) and then couldn’t drag myself out of the front door last week. I managed to do a 10km, still under an hour, but that was it.

Lesson: I had a bad week in the motivation department. Learn and carry on. It is still early in my training, so at least I won’t be getting any over training injuries! And the gap between runs hasn’t been more than a week. So just make sure you progress upwards in Week 3.

Thurs: 10km

Windy with a light drizzle later on. Battled with a stitch the whole way round, so glad to have finished under an hour again.

Total: 10km


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