Wk 4: Hardmoors weekend

Attending Hardmoors events as a marshal always serves to inspire me, which is half the reason I do them. You rub shoulders with some truly remarkable people, and it always makes me want to join their ranks. My ultimate aim is to successfully complete the Hardmoors Ultra Grandslam of 30, 55, 110 & 60 mile trail ultras in the same calendar year. Mixing with people that have been there and done that helps to focus my mind, and goes a long way to showing how much more training I need to do if I ever want to cruise through a 110 miles under 36 hours! The Hardmoors ‘family’ is on the whole very friendly, welcoming to newcomers and helpful. The races are exceptional value for money if you do your research, and bloody tough ultras! The ‘real deal’ if you want to test yourself properly. Not a posers race!

Managed 2 decent runs.

Mon: Hill training on Highcliff Nab.

Thurs: 10km through Guisborough Woods.

Fri: Marshalled checkpoints on Cringle Moor and Sandsend car park. Note to self – Next time you have to put up a tent on the edge of a cliff in the wind and rain make sure you know what you’re doing…having local walkers offer to help you because you have bits flapping inside-out all over the place is pretty embarrassing.

Total: 17km


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