Wk 10: A good weeks training

Did 3 hard runs in some gorgeous weather, so happy with mileage and the times. I seem to be able to push a bit harder  for longer, and am able to take harder efforts better now. Still need to chuck in some longer runs though if I want to complete the HM60 in a few months time.

Tues: 16km

First time I’ve come in under 2 hours for this route for ages, which is slightly longer due to new address.

Wed: 13km

One of those odd runs that people call you eccentric for doing…it was raining, I’d just dropped the child off at nursery and I was against the clock for getting a decent run in and being on time for work…so I just ran straight from the school to work. It did mean wearing running kit under civvies and taking a race pack, but it turned out to be a good run with a bit of weight.

Sat: 11km

Another hangover run to work in gorgeous sunshine – I even had my shirt off!

Total: 40km


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