Wk 12: Back on track

Normal service has resumed, with 3 x 10km runs this week (which includes 1 hill training session). Still not up there with the long runs, but at least I’ve found some spark and am running consistently.

Mon: 10km

A sluggish one, but happy with the time, which was surprisingly fast (for me).

Tues: 10km (Hills)

2 x Highcliff reps. First time I’ve managed to actually run all the way up ‘my mate Highcliff’ TWICE! I stopped at the top of the nab to speak to a nice couple of Cleveland Way walkers, who were very pleasant company for about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, it was red hot, I hadn’t taken any fluids with me and on the way down I started creaming in. I actually had to walk / run the remaining 2km home! A lesson in humility and the importance of fluid intakes. Lesson learned: Growing up in Africa does NOT make me immune to dehydration! I am also ginger… which doesn’t help.

Thurs: 10km

Just glad to have got out the front door for this one…

Total: 30km


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