Wk 14: Big boys week at last!

First time I’ve run 60km in a week for ages! 3 x runs, a bit of variety and finally, a proper long run.

Mon: 16km

Ran from work past Skinningrove, to ‘the farm near Loftus’ at sunset. A refreshingly different run, with a good dollop of speed chucked in the whole way back. Loved it!

Thurs: 5km

A slow recovery plod, coming in at 35 minutes!

Fri: 43km

Down to business, with a long run that was meant to finish at Whitby. The weather was oppressively hot, with a real danger of dehydration (remember the hill session a few weeks ago), so I packed a litre of water as well as a litre of sports drink. Was challenging keeping hydrated & cool on the way down to Runswick Bay, but then the Heavens promptly opened up on me, and I started to worry about getting too chilly. The downpour persisted, I started to suffer and decided it would be prudent to stop at Sandsend and get the next bus home. First decent long run completed though.

Total: 64km


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