Wk 15: Race week!

Had to be careful this week, balancing some useful runs with recovery periods. After having a DNS at the Rosedale Marathon I really wanted to take part in the Saltburn Marathon. Incidently, this would be my first ‘real’ marathon. I was hoping that last weeks 43km long run would stand me in good stead (like it had at the Pathfinders 25 Challenge two years ago) on race day. It worked.

Mon: 10km, usual route

Surpisingly comfortable. Made sure I didn’t push at all.

Thurs: 10km (hills)

2 x reps up Highcliff. This time I survived and managed to run home in one piece after another suprisingly comfortable run.

Sun: 42km Saltburn Marathon

Packed a lighter race pack, lost a sports drink on route, didn’t really hit a wall anywhere and met some more great people – a cracking day out all in all! Oh, and a personal best of 5:30 for this type of distance and terrain…happy days!

Total: 62km


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