Wk 17: Back to backs

A good weeks training, with a back to back (from, and to work), one leg of which was done at midnight, and another
long run out to Whitby. Oh, and some more hills!

Mon: 11km pm

Ran home from work at midnight, which was refreshing, as I hadn’t done a night run since last year!

Tues: 11km am

Ran to work, mainly to avoid the taxi fare. The run on fatigued legs wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.

Fri: 46km

Guisborough to Whitby. Pretty much the same time as previously. Slightly different route, so couldn’t make a direct time comparison. Did more about 3km more than last time in about the same time. Felt much more comfortable as well.

Sun: 12km (Hills)

Highcliff x 3 reps. Left knee a bit jarry – must be careful over over-usage.

Total: 80km


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