Why Bother to Write at All?

My Reasons for Writing

As you can see from this website I am a brand new indie (wannabe) author. I have self-published the grand total of two pokey little ebooks: one a small self-help guide, and the other a time travel novella. I make a trickle of sales now and again and won’t be buying my yacht anytime soon… I am obviously making a reference to Hugh Howey, who is an awesome role model for new wannabes, such as yours truly. Not for the wealth and fame side of things, but for the example of hard work, total self-belief, and dedication to a craft he so obviously loves. There are many more like him.

My point is this: I have my own aspirations and I have never ever waivered in my self-belief. However, life can get hard sometimes and it is often useful to remember what you want to do, why you want to do it and then rededicate yourself to your own personal cause. My cause is writing. And over the last few weeks I have been examining my motives for this craft, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

I enjoy it!

I have my own independent thoughts and feelings about many subjects and issues. I also have this imaginary world where things may or may not happen. I am no good at much else in this world, although I do have a lot of experience, with very mixed results at a whole host of different things, so why can’t I share it with anyone bored enough to want to read about it? I should not be scared out of pursuing what I feel is right for me by friends and family that don’t understand. Just because I haven’t hit ‘the big time’, and maybe never will, it doesn’t mean that I should even dare to think about giving up and ‘doing something sensible’ with my time!

I love reading about so many different things!

I know that pretty much every half decent writer there has ever been must surely have been an avid reader of some sort. Hopefully, my love of reading pretty much anything will rub off into my writing and give it something close to a palatable style for a potential reader to enjoy. This is the reason that I am more open to what I read now, and am forcing myself to consider material I think could help me in the future.

Perfect release

Writing gives me the chance to get everything off my chest so that I don’t have to store it up, to stew over for months, or even years. This has got to be far healthier than turning into a bitter and twisted person that nobody wants to be around! The world is full of people looking for solutions, or even just wanting to know if anyone understands the times that they’ve been through. I don’t profess to be anything to anyone, but I have promised myself that whatever I write simply MUST at least be honest, true and a reflection of the actual person that I am. That is the best that I can do.

I want to leave something behind

Okay, a lot of the reasoning behind this is selfish – I don’t want to die without being remembered for doing something worthwhile in this world. So how do I do this? By writing something that might be recognised as half decent material that readers may derive some use of in the future. I also want to leave behind some words of comfort for anyone I cared about when I’m not here anymore. Morbid? Maybe. True – definitely. It’s just that sometimes in this life you need to be looking at some hard and brutal truths before you are jolted into action. And this works for me.


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