Dying to be Different

A Tribute to Differences

This Sunday another famous celebrity passed away. Born into a family of Hollywood stars, Robert Arquette should have become another big name in his clan. But he didn’t. You see, Robert was very fluid about the gender he identified with the most. And it wasn’t the sex he was born with. This, in turn, made him very difficult to cast in any big movie roles. So yes, he had the usual celebrity career you would expect, with minor to supporting roles and other celebrity gigs, but he never made it to the highest levels of Hollywood. And it must be admitted that this was down to his sexuality as a gay man, combined with the fact that he was a practising transvestite at the time. He transitioned into a woman in 2006. Robert became Alexis. She was soon recognised as a prominent transgender activist, but maybe that wasn’t enough for her to find true meaning in. I am not going to rehash everything that the media has already said about Alexis’ life story, but what I do want to talk about is the touchy subject of transgenderism, gender fluidity, hyperandrogenism and all the hypocrisy that these long uncomfortable words often bring about, even in this so-called ‘enlightened’ time of constant information bombardment.

Trying to make sense

The world is quick to hate those individuals that are perceived as different to the majority. And being the age of the internet, everything needs to be categorised and to have a defining label. Some labels are long-winded. Some are patronising. Others can be outright insulting and damaging. I don’t need to list the names – we all know what they are, and exactly what type of people get abused with these terms. Society likes to lay the blame for its own failings at an easy target. Ever stopped to think that maybe this group of individuals, now known as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT – it’s not hard) community have enough pain to deal with already? That these souls may possibly be self-inflicting their own hideous wounds on themselves (either physical, mental or emotional) as they come to face-to-face with their own sexuality and gender identification?

It is another known statistical fact (although I really detest statistics!) that the LGBT community is more prone to higher suicide and untimely death rates than most other segmented groups of society. It doesn’t take a doctorate in common sense to realise why either if you think about it. So this particular community does not need any more wounds than the ones they may already be slicing through their own souls, as they make sense of who they feel they really are. As well as the self-realisation of what they want to be, indeed who they want to be, they also have to prepare for the onslaught of abuse that will probably be pummelled into them by certain members of society, at some point or another. And that will include family, friends and all the ‘good people’ of the world, who are far too numerous to list, but we all know who they are. I do not claim to speak on behalf of the LGBT community either. Just from the viewpoint of someone seeking to understand my fellow citizens of Earth. If I was on a difficult journey, this is how I think I would feel.

Shhh… don’t mention Caster!

Women’s 800m Gold Medallist in Rio 2016, Caster Semenya

Let us be absolutely under no illusion whatsoever – I am generalising here because it is clear to see – most people in the media and society as a whole tend to look aghast at transgender, or any other non-conforming human beings as freaks. You know who they are – the effeminate bloke stood next to you in the bar. The person walking towards you in town with a sexy skirt on and a great set of legs – that turns out to be a man…. Sexual abominations. Aberrations of nature apparently; to be avoided at all costs. Creatures that just shouldn’t exist. To be laughed at, abused and worse. Don’t believe me? Ask Caster Semenya, the South African 800m Olympic Gold Medallist what her fellow athletes thought about participating in the same races as her.

For the second Olympics in a row, this marvellous athlete was treated like a leprous cheat who was destroying the hopes of the camera-friendly white girls, such as Britain’s great blonde hope, Lynsey Sharp. Not one white competitor congratulated Caster on her win in the final. Lynsey must have assumed that a medal and lucrative sponsorship deal was her birthright, as she was bawling her eyes out when she finally crossed the line in SIXTH position! In the post race interview (no interviews granted for the medal winners…) she actually said that two races had occurred! That can only mean that one race was for the sexy whiteys from the West and the other race was for… ummm… you get the idea. Incidentally, Lynsey finished eleventh (last position) at her next international event, a prestigious Diamond meet in Zurich. Make of that what you will.

Great British athlete Nigel Levine congratulated Lynsey with this tweet:
‘Happy for Lynsey Sharp for coming 3rd in women’s 800m.’, implying that ALL THREE (black Africans, with silver going to Francine Niyonsaba of Burundi, and bronze going to Kenya’s Margaret Wambui) medallists in the 800m final must have been hyperandrogenous for running so fast!
Public pressure on Twitter made him remove this tweet.
Nigel won nothing in Rio after his GB 4 x 400m mens relay team was disqualified in the heats.

Western losing athletes are actually agreeing with the practice of legal drugging or enforcing surgery on athletes that are naturally better competitors than they are! And this isn’t racism, sexism and prejudice all rolled into one? Hitler would be in awe of how gender issues are handled at the Olympics…

Think about that for a minute… biological castration or an enforced drug regime on female athletes that don’t conform to ‘the standard’ set in an Olympic boardroom somewhere. After what can only be imagined as a legalised physical rape of Caster’s anatomy in 2009, ‘scientists’ decided that she would have to suppress her natural testosterone levels if she wanted to compete again as an international athlete. Running is a sport that actually encourages people to battle on against the odds, so the whole Semenya story has disgusted me to my core. The critics are correct, however. There are disgusting freaks of nature walking this planet. Just not the superior athletes who took all the medals in the 800m final. Or the misunderstood soul that died on Sunday.

Everybody loves a religious bigot!

I would love to know what American ‘pastor’ Steven Anderson has to say about Alexis’ passing. He was due to land in South Africa this week to preach his own particular flavour of hatred that deems gays worthy of execution. He also had some sickening comments about the recent massacre at an Orlando nightclub frequented by the local LGBT community. 50 human beings were shot dead for being gay. Kudos to the South African government for refusing him entry recently to the country to spread his vile hatred. Just another so called ‘Christian’ egotist who refuses to take any note of lessons of the entire New Testament.

The bigger picture…

We are given one life and one shot to make that journey. We have a will that is free and the choices we have to make are ours alone. We generally try to do the best with whatever we happen to have. And we ALWAYS fall short in one way or the other. We live with the consequences and we take those decisions with us to our deathbeds. However, nobody on earth has the God-given right to judge another person on their choice of sexuality or gender identification, no matter what they believe about another human’s life choice. Our judgement will come soon enough, have we not got enough of our own issues to work with until then?

Alexis Arquette. Human

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