Time Management

Hard Work, Persistence and Belief

You really need to be ruthless with the management of your time if you want to be making some decent progress towards your target goal. In my case, that is achieving set objectives that I have with my writing, and a few specific goals I have with my running. I realise that without shrewd planning, and even more self-discipline, I will simply fail to achieve all the dreams floating around in this little head of mine. If I truly want to complete the ultras that I have my heart set on, as well reach the stage I desire within my writing, then I need to give up the trivial things in life (pub, telly etc) in order to steal the time I need to actually do something that I want. Procrastination is my enemy.

My problem used to be that I worked nights, so it was all too easy to slip into one of my locals for a quick pint or two before I got home. That made getting up at daft o’clock virtually impossible at the time. Now I have the time, but life seems to have battered the will and the drive out of me now. So, the reality of the situation is that I either form new habits that will change this immediately or settle for mediocrity for the rest of my life. And I hate being mediocre…

So how do I plan on progressing towards my goals? Life choices.

  • I need to dedicate myself wholly and without reserve to the goals and objectives that are important in my life.
  • I need to lose ANYTHING along the way that detracts from my efforts. Nothing else should matter.
  • And I need to rediscover my faith. I need to believe in myself again.

That’s it. No excuses and no compromise. The trick is to ruthlessly DO WHAT I PLAN! Persistently! It is no good giving my all for a day or two at a time, only to backslide the minute I get tired. Just like when I gave up smoking, I have to choose my new direction and throw myself off the cliff towards it – there can be no room for going back. Otherwise, I will reap no results. Ever. Run and write for all I am worth, while I am able. I don’t want regrets later in life.


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