Nanowrimo – Do You Dare?

Or, How I plan to Complete Nanowrimo 2016…

Okay, honesty session to begin with…

  • I have developed the craft of procrastination well beyond my current mastery of the art of creating meaningful content.
  • I can become obsessed with perfecting a task that I have set myself. I can also be bone idle if the task bores me to tears.
  • I can sway between total self-belief and confidence in my abilities, to utter despair, apathy and morbidity quicker than you can say ‘miserable moody idiot’.
  • I LOVE achieving a personal goal and proving all my doubters wrong in doing so!

Which is all another way of saying that I have again entered into this year’s Nanowrimo writing competition. For those of you with a life, that do not feel compelled to spill your guts to the world over too much coffee and bad prose, Nanwrimo is simply a self-directed annual novel writing challenge. You officially enter, state what novel you are aiming to write (50,00 words plus only) and then get on with writing it. You have the duration of November to finish it in. You either complete it in the 30 days of the month or you don’t. Simple. Even in today’s era of over-protection, it is a simple concept to understand. No prizes or monetary rewards for completion, and no second chances or whingeing to the organisers that you have an excuse that you feel justifies you being recognised as a ‘winner’. You finish your novel or you don’t. Brutal binary result.

I think it is a great concept, and I plan to do better than I did last year, whereby I got a chunk of a short story written, but never finished a full-length novel of over 50,000 words. So I am entering into the ring again as a slightly more experienced writer. My novel is the follow-up to the short story I have just mentioned, and although I’d love to be able to ooze positivity all over my keyboard, I feel really dull about it all right now. Because I am aware of what is involved…

frustratedwriter1Certain people I know will probably think that writing is an easy pursuit with no real purpose. However, I feel totally different about it. I have so much faith in my story and the concept, and I think that I have an interesting angle to tell my tale from as well. I am just so worried about my ability to finish. To stick to the workload of 2,000 words a day. Every day, for a whole month. I do not want to fail. I have had enough of that recently, and I want to turn it around.

So what am I planning on doing about it?

  • For one thing, I am getting back into the arena for another fight. No postponing – now is the time for combat. Against myself and against my challenges (no, that isn’t a typo – activity, not people…).
  • I know that just like in ultra running, I WILL enter into bleak and horrible places. But I also realise that just like an endurance running event, so long as you put one foot in front of the other and make some sort of progress, the gloom usually fades out to a much better state of mind. You recover, you make progress and you enjoy it all again. You break through the wall and crack on with your task. I will do this.
  • Small victories build momentum. This increases the odds in your favour dramatically. You just need to start accomplishing something in the first place!
  • I am going to use the ‘failure is feedback’ method Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Peter Jones speaks about to fuel my efforts when the doubt tries to creep back in.

Come back to see how I get along!


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