Will South Africa Choose Change Over Corruption?


2016 has been a year of astonishing surprises in global politics. Firstly, the unthinkable happened in the UK, with a majority of citizens voting against what the government had planned for them, and choosing Brexit over the EU. And not a country for being outdone by their cousins over the pond, the USA then went and voted for the most unlikely of candidates in Donald Trump to become their 45th president, instead of the assumed choice of Hillary Clinton! The message was clear – people were so fed up with the status quo of their country’s leadership that they were prepared to risk significant change. However, nobody is talking about South Africa, which has also created shockwaves of its own by giving the ruling ANC party a massive bloody nose in the municipal elections. My question now is will the Rainbow Nation follow their protest to through the end, and vote the African National Congress out of power in the 2019 General Election? Like Brexit and the 2016 US presidential elections, this could go either way.

We are family… I’ve got all my brothers with me

‘This time next year Rodney we’ll be millionaires!’* : Ajay and Atul Gupta

The world has seen twice now that the most unlikely of scenarios can be forced through if enough people get angry enough to commit. South Africa too can enjoy this freedom of choice. However, that means voters getting off their backsides and having the courage to vote for something new! It means deciding for yourself what you think is a better choice and voting for it, because, let’s be honest, no political group or party is totally clean, efficient and honest. Humans make mistakes and mess things up, and this will reflect in party bloopers. But there is no excuse on this planet for what certain parties do ‘in the name of the people.’ Yes, I mean the ANC under Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family.

You simply do not fight for over 100 years to lead your people on the long walk to freedom, only to sell your country’s infrastructure to the richest bidding family, such as the Guptas. You do not allow genocide to go unpunished against your nation’s farmers. If you had a quarter of a century to heal the wounds of a broken nation and all you did was literally rape and pillage your way to the top, all the while destroying your entire nation’s chance of a decent education and future, then you need to be voted out of office and sent to prison. If the party colluded and enjoyed the same robbing of the electorate, then they should be voted out of office. So, people of the Rainbow Nation, are you as brave as the British and the Americans? Or will you just lay down on your back and take what is coming for another 100 years? Because sadly, aside from a civil war, that is your only other option.

Amandla Democratic Alliance!

South Africa’s Democratic Alliance achieved the unthinkable during the local government elections this year – it was as exciting watching the results come in for that as it what was for Brexit, I promise you! I was glued to a screen here in Blighty, fixated, as I watched section by section of the map of South Africa turning blue. And then the BIG results came in – Cape Town retained by the DA, Nelson Mandela Bay took away from the ANC for the first time! And finally: Johannesburg and Pretoria / Tshwane majority previously held by the ANC, destroyed by the DA! The voters were brave, and clearly have no faith or belief in their president any longer (did they ever?). Now it just remains to be seen if the populace of that great, but underperforming country, has the stamina and guts to go for broke and vote the African National Congress out of office for the first time ever?

Wat ‘n Gemors

‘Honey, what do you do for money?’ ** : President Jacob Zuma

It is almost treason to even entertain these thoughts in South Africa, as can be seen by the hostile takeover of the national broadcaster, the SABC, by the government, and by the ludicrous proposals for Soviet-style censorship of, umm… pretty much anyone or anything that doesn’t sing praises to el Presidente. And the Brits think that they have problems with Brexit..! Fortunately, I live in the far more free side of the world, and as such can say nearly anything I want without being prosecuted or house-invaded. And that is what really saddens me. I would consider going back to South Africa semi-permanently one day. However, I need the internet to work and a postal service that delivers. I have that in Britain. I dabble in political commentary and self-publish books on whatever the hell I want to write about… you can see where I’m going with this…

vote1I love Africa and I love the people. But I see no compelling reason to go back there if I am going to be living in a prison state that is just as corrupt as nearly every other African country I have been to. I mean, the Brits are corrupt as well. Just not to the point of lunacy. And the ordinary people have proved with the Brexit vote that they want a change for the better with regards to certain issues. I would love to see South Africa once again determine its own destiny without fear of reprisals. The citizens deserve better, and I want them to vote for it in 2019.

*   Only Fools and Horses – classic Brit comedy genius.
** ACDC rock magic!


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