Freelancing and Writer’s Workshops

Okay, so I’ve started to do freelance writing jobs for PeoplePerHour and it is going really well. As in, I have become really busy in a short space of time and I am getting paid regularly to write other organisations’ blog posts and articles for them. You’d think I’d be happy – and I am. Very much so.

Only, here’s the thing… I am not doing any writing of my own at the moment. At all. Which means my dreams of rewriting my novella into my first ever full novel have temporarily been put on pause. I mean, to be fair, I was really struggling with motivation (what’s new?) and direction with the ‘conversion,’ and I sort of slowed down to an almost stationary crawl just before the freelancing started to take off. So where am I going with this?

Well, a funny thing happened the other day on my way to the office… By that, I mean Middlesbrough’s Central Library, where I work upstairs in the Reference Library, which apart from the occasional loon or nutter that comes in from the cold Teesside climes to whinge about their issue of the day, is normally a peaceful place to bang out some content for a client. On my way to my self-appointed favourite place to work I passed the notice board, which I never read. Until today.


Wow. The Big Bwana may have possibly just thrust a blatant message right in my face. Normally I’m a bit slow on the uptake of big messages from above (because I’m a bit stupid sometimes), but this one I couldn’t ignore. I went straight home, checked over the best 7 pages of The Right Side of Time (my revised edition) and sent it in, along with the blurb from the back cover. Only 16 writers will be chosen for this writing workshop, which will last for 9 months. Then 8 of those writers will be picked for a further 3 months of intensive preparation. There are also 2 events where you get to meet and greet people in the publishing industry. If you’re really good, something further may develop out of all of this.

I have no idea if I will get chosen out of whoever else applies for a place, but I do know that Teesside University screenwriting students are being encouraged to apply. So there will be a large number of entrants. I also know that a structured and guided workshop is exactly what I need to finish a suitable novel and take my writing to the next step… time will tell if this is that opportunity or not. I am ready for either outcome.


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