My First Poem… sort of…

Well, this is different… I wrote something the other day (and even finished it too – well done me!). It’s extremely personal, but I have no shame and am used to being shot down in public, so I’ve decided to put it on here, instead of hiding it in a journal forever.


  • This written piece is 100% my own thoughts and feelings and is not meant to resemble anyone else’s work. If it does it is purely a coincidence, as I’m not educated enough to know who to copy anyway!
  • This is not meant to be a poem. Or a sermon or a life lesson. It is meant to be self-administered therapy. It came out as it came out. This is just a way for me not to start smoking again or smash up another car half-pissed.
  • I haven’t put anything on here for ages, so this is also a lazy way of putting up some more content. If you can decipher the thoughts and feelings and can see where I was at the time of writing, then you might identify with this. If not, then just swipe left as it were…

What If…

What if you decided that you had been given permission by God Himself
to be allowed to become happy?
Would it change the way you thought, the way you lived your life?
Or would you choose to stay the same?
What if you decided to become the best version of yourself
that you could ever be?
Would you use your God-given gifts and talents to leave this planet
a better place than it was before?
Or would you choose to be safe, be nothing, and leave this world
exactly how you found it
What if…

What if you decided that you were worth more than what you had been told
and that you did deserve to be loved in full?
Would you stay bitter and hate them forever for burning down your heart?
Or would you forgive them while closing that chapter?
What if you decided that you would love yourself before another,
but if love came along again you would not let it pass?
Could you tell the difference between self-pity, anger, lust and truth,
and love yourself wholly, however it turned out?
Or would you let your heart rot away, turning black with bitterness,
unable to truly love again?
What if…

What if you believe that you have found your purpose in this life,
and that now is the moment to believe and to act?
Will you squander this chance at fulfilling your purpose?
Or will you embrace the hard work before you?
What if you throw yourself off from your cliffs of doubt
and accept whatever outcome becomes?
Can you live with yourself if you give it your very best shot,
whether you exceed all expectations or fail miserably?
Or will you die having never touched another’s soul?
An existence that means nothing to anybody.

What if this is your last chance to make a difference?
Can you?
Will you?
What if…


4 thoughts on “My First Poem… sort of…

  1. Let me say straight away that I know nothing of the structure of poetry so I will not comment about that. I don’t read poetry as a rule (I’m very much not-so-sophisticated). What I can tell you, is that I read this piece three times and I find it thought-provoking, speaking to my inner person, and is that not what art is supposed to be about? Well done you.

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