Never Surrender!

Last quote, same thing – don’t ever give up! No matter how overwhelming the scenario, no matter how smashed up you are, inside or out, if you stop running then you won’t want to start again.

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Birth of a Book

Due to this and that, however, I got the urge to write again, but this time to make a proper go of it. So, I started another couple of non-fiction works, which have yet to be finished. Bad skills on my behalf came into play here, and I lost around 9,000 words of one of my books.

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Brilliant Barcelona

I can see why Spain is such a magnet for the British now: a beer at Newcastle Airport, a short two-hour flight, get through customs and onto a bus that takes you straight into the heart of the city, and then BANG! You are immersed in glorious sunshine, consistent warmth that you just don’t get back in ‘Blighty’ and the pulsating flow of the crowds as they move from place to place… I felt alive!

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Not all Black Lives Matter

The Olympic Animal Farm… The shock! The horror! Caster Semenya. There… I’ve said it. The name that has scared three shades of Olympic medals out of the BBC’s ‘expert’ commentary box during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. Here are a few more words that nobody is brave enough to say either:

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Freelancing and Writer’s Workshops

I am not doing any writing of my own at the moment. At all. Which means my dreams of rewriting my novella into my first ever full novel have temporarily been put on pause. I mean, to be fair, I was really struggling with motivation (what’s new?) and direction with the ‘conversion,’ and I sort of slowed down to an almost stationary crawl just before the freelancing started to take off. So where am I going with this?

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The Baker Street Kitchen

Originally posted on DU NORD:
Gunmetal grey walls, salvaged wooden furniture and festoons of bare lightbulbs coupled with menus on clipboards and cookies in mason jars: industrial, big-city style independent eateries seem to be sweeping the British nation at the moment, but none of them seem to have gotten the décor to balance quite as…

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