The Value of a Mentor

So, here’s something I never thought I’d do… after mulling over it for a few weeks I decided to ask someone I know to mentor me in ‘the craft’. In other words, help me along on my journey to becoming a full-time, bona fide real author-person. And already it is proving to be a wise decision if I do say so myself.

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Never Surrender!

Last quote, same thing – don’t ever give up! No matter how overwhelming the scenario, no matter how smashed up you are, inside or out, if you stop running then you won’t want to start again.

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Freelancing and Writer’s Workshops

I am not doing any writing of my own at the moment. At all. Which means my dreams of rewriting my novella into my first ever full novel have temporarily been put on pause. I mean, to be fair, I was really struggling with motivation (what’s new?) and direction with the ‘conversion,’ and I sort of slowed down to an almost stationary crawl just before the freelancing started to take off. So where am I going with this?

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