Quit Smoking Forever

How to Give Up Cigarettes & Vaping for Good

Stop forever – regret nothing!

BookCoverPreviewFCCan you afford to ignore your health and happiness any longer? No gimmicks, no hypnotherapy and no nicotine replacement fads – just a realistic approach to freeing yourself from nicotine addiction forever.

Using a mixture of harsh reality, self discipline and inspiration, author Andrew Thomas describes how he went ‘cold turkey’ on cigarettes. He describes the mental strategies he used to make his final attempt at quitting smoking, and then staying off cigarettes for good.

This ebook proves that absolutely anybody can stop smoking permanently, without missing a thing!

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Quit Smoking Forever: £0.99
Published: Sep 28, 2012
Length: Approx 42 pages
Language: British English
ISBN (eBook): 9781301105571
ISBN (Paperback): 9781532831393
Copyright: Andrew Thomas 2012-2016

The Right Side of Time


Explore an exciting new world of covert state missions into the fourth dimension with some shady characters from the ‘Agency of Adjustments’.

An unknown British security service that seems to follow its own dubious agenda hires its latest recruit, Kalila Grey. A former school teacher with a gift for languages and a longing to achieve something special in her life, Kalila has no idea that she is about to become part of a world that few people even know exists.

Of mixed Indian-English background, Kalila grew up on the tough streets of Newcastle, giving her street smarts and savvy that few of her peers possess. Does this help or hinder her as a special operative at the Agency of Adjustments? And what exactly is it that this shadowy government agency does? Could you trust an organisation that uses time travel to achieve a hidden agenda? Kalila is about to find out as she is sent on her first mission back in time, which will test her in ways that she can’t even begin to fathom…

An intriguing glimpse into the questionable world of fourth dimensional politics.

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The Right Side of Time: £1.99
Published: June 28, 2016
Length: Approx 62 pages
Language: British English
ISBN (eBook): 9781311281470
ISBN (Paperback): 9781533162298
Copyright: Andrew Thomas 2016


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