The Kalila Grey Missions

The Agency of Adjustments

Welcome to ‘The Agency’… the UK government’s ultra-secret time travel security enforcement service. This is the place to come and discover everything you need to know about your favourite special operatives and the agency itself. But be quick! Nobody knows how much time they have left…


Address: Central London, in an undisclosed office block near the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, on the south side of the Thames
Description: Four storey building the houses the United Kingdoms time travel HQ.
Ground floor:
1st Floor: Reception, interview rooms, cleaning storage, weapons armoury
2nd Floor: Training and lecture rooms, canteen, gym & indoor swimming pool
3rd Floor: Office & staff admin offices
4th Floor: The ‘Fabled Fourth’ is where the actual operation rooms and 4-D Control Centre is situated. The time travel geeks work in a top secret time transfer and control centre here. The are mission briefing rooms, a mission history memorabilia room, a medical centre as well as a dentist, due to the physical strains of time travel. The biggest military secret of modern times hidden right in the middle of London.

The Team

Name: Kalila Grey
Childhood: Dad is a Geordie, Mam is from Gujarat, India, and escaped from Idi Amin’s dictatorship in Uganda during the 70’s. Grew up in Tyneside
Previous Background: Modern Languages teacher in southwest London
Job Title:
Special Correctional Operative
Duties: Fourth dimensional missions that involve manipulating past events so as to prevent future risks to national security or the public at large. This would also include the elimination of specific, or strategic personalities or targets that would pose a future criminal or national risk in the future

Name: ‘Stefan’ Mitchell
Childhood: Respectable working class parents. Bullied at school due to his small stature and grew up quick
Previous Background: French Foreign Legion, British Parachute Regiment, and the private security service
Job Title: Field Operator
Duties: Reconnaissance for missions and surveillance of targets. Personal security of SCO’s while they are on the ground

Name: Ainsley Thornton
Born: York
Childhood: Good upbringing in a military family
Previous Background: Commanding Officer of The Second Battalion, The Parachute Regiment. Left to join the founding team of The Agency of Adjustments
Job Titles: Director of Recruitment
Duties: Responsible for all recruitment and training matters of new recruits and existing staff


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