Don’t Fear Failure

Embrace your failures… and then obliterate them. On Saturday 19th of March, I once again took part in the Hardmoors 55, which if you don’t already know is a trail race covering the first half of the Cleveland Way. The direction taken this year was from Helmsley to Guisborough. The route offers gorgeous panoramic views […]

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My Birthday Run

Yay, its August…time for another birthday… This year I will be 39, and I’m not particularly looking forward to it. I hate parties almost as much as I hate the cringe-worthiness of New Years Eve, so I won’t be having one of them.

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Hardmoors 60 ’13

My First 60 Miler So here we are…21 weeks training and I finally got to run the Hardmoors 60. I’d marshalled the first edition of this race with my wife, but had never actually taken part in it before. I’m not sure how I got persuaded to take the plunge

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