The Baker Street Kitchen

Originally posted on DU NORD:
Gunmetal grey walls, salvaged wooden furniture and festoons of bare lightbulbs coupled with menus on clipboards and cookies in mason jars: industrial, big-city style independent eateries seem to be sweeping the British nation at the moment, but none of them seem to have gotten the décor to balance quite as…

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Brilliant Barcelona

I can see why Spain is such a magnet for the British now: a beer at Newcastle Airport, a short two-hour flight, get through customs and onto a bus that takes you straight into the heart of the city, and then BANG! You are immersed in glorious sunshine, consistent warmth that you just don’t get back in ‘Blighty’ and the pulsating flow of the crowds as they move from place to place… I felt alive!

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Mpumalanga, South Africa

In isiZulu, Mpumalanga translates as ‘the place where the sun rises’. And when looking to experience the real flavour of Africa visitors can do worse than spending a week exploring the old Eastern Transvaal province of Mpumalanga.

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