Will South Africa Choose Change Over Corruption?

It is almost treason to even entertain these thoughts in South Africa, as can be seen by the hostile takeover of the national broadcaster, the SABC, by the government, and by the ludicrous proposals for Soviet-style censorship

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Brexit Marmite Madness

Over the last week, for reasons that seem mostly based on sentiment, the (not very) United Kingdom has descended into a state of hysteria. The reason for this? The pound has taken a battering since Theresa May announced a more or less firm date for triggering Article 50 in 2017. This, in turn, has triggered an imminent shortage of Marmite. Honest!

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Bite-sized Brexit

or, Brexit for Normal People… Smoke and mirrors, smear campaigns and hateful rhetoric, and of course ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’*. I will deal with the aftermath of the result in a later post, but in order to fully understand how the ‘United’ Kingdom (at the time of writing, anyway) came to be part of […]

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Brexit – Waiting for the Apocolypse

I have also stumbled over how exactly I would like to convey my thoughts and feelings on the UK’s European Union membership referendum. This post was always going to be about the lead up to vote, and then the aftermath. However, I have changed my mind on how I am going to (finally) finish this post. and I am going to write it from my personal experience point of view, so take from that whatever you want

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