Why I Choose to Not Smoke

So how did I get to this point? The key lay in reprogramming my brain with a good dose of honesty, which meant being willing to see smoking for what it really is

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Birth of a Book

Due to this and that, however, I got the urge to write again, but this time to make a proper go of it. So, I started another couple of non-fiction works, which have yet to be finished. Bad skills on my behalf came into play here, and I lost around 9,000 words of one of my books.

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Nanowrimo – Do You Dare?

Which is all another way of saying that I have again entered into this year’s Nanowrimo writing competition. For those of you with a life that don’t feel compelled to spill your guts to the world over too much coffee and bad prose, Nanwrimo is simply a self-directed annual novel writing challenge.

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Why Bother to Write at All?

My Reasons for Writing As you can see from this website I am a brand new indie (wannabe) author. I have self-published the grand total of two pokey little ebooks: one a small self-help guide, and the other a time travel novella. I make a trickle of sales now and again and won’t be buying my […]

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