Will South Africa Choose Change Over Corruption?

It is almost treason to even entertain these thoughts in South Africa, as can be seen by the hostile takeover of the national broadcaster, the SABC, by the government, and by the ludicrous proposals for Soviet-style censorship

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How to Beat the Poachers

Asking for money to send to Africa, India or wherever else is all very good and noble because it eases the conscience and makes us feel better as human beings. But it doesn’t stop the poachers. Because they will still sneak into the parks, butcher their targets and sneak off again with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of tusks or horns.

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Mpumalanga, South Africa

In isiZulu, Mpumalanga translates as ‘the place where the sun rises’. And when looking to experience the real flavour of Africa visitors can do worse than spending a week exploring the old Eastern Transvaal province of Mpumalanga.

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